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Disclaimer: This is an rp journal and a work of fiction.

Ryou Bakura

Ryou is polite and mild mannered. He doesn’t care to be in the center of attention unless it’s with people he knows and is already friends with. Having to keep his distance from people for their own good hasn’t really helped with smoothing out some of his more socially awkward traits. He’s more likely to sit back and just listen to people as they talk before jumping in to add his own input when first meeting them.

Despite the fact that we never see him duel, he seems to have a good eye for understanding and following strategy. He is usually the one that has to explain what’s going on to everyone else in the group when Yugi is dueling. His own card deck is sticked with ghosts, headless knights and undead suggesting a fascination with the occult.

He can come off as a little reserved a first, but that’s for some very good reasons. He wants friends and always has, but every time people have gotten close to him they have gotten hurt thanks to the ancient spirit that dwells in his millennium ring. He wants to be around people but not at the expense of their safety. And even though he loves games, in particular table top rpgs, he is likely to decline an offer to play any sort of game. (The last time that happened, the other kids ended up in a coma.)

When the darker half of Yugi displays that he’s willing to kill even without the consent of his host during the duelist kingdom arc, he understands Yugi’s breakdown better than the rest of the group because he’s lived that. In the manga he is touching the other boy’s shoulder in what can only be seen as a sympathetic gesture.

He is fiercely loyal and protective of the friends he does have. He warned Yugi about how his last rp campaigns ended, telling him it would be best if he and his friends kept their distance. When he became aware of the evil presence controlling him through the ring he tries to stop them from entering his apartment. (Not quick enough for his other self to seize control and let them in though.) Facing his own mortality, Ryou has shown that he’s not afraid to die in a meaningful way especially if it involves keeping those he cares about safe and screwing over his darker half.


Ryou first appears in season zero as the new student at Domino Highschool. Because of his friendly demeanor and the shared interest in games Yugi and his group take to him pretty quickly. He reveals that he particularly likes the table top rpg games, particularly Monster World. But he is reluctant to play it with them. He also takes note that Yugi's sennen puzzle is very similar the pendant that his father brought him back from Egypt. He asks to see the puzzle and not long after he's touched it develops a sharp pain in his chest.

The gym teacher, Karita, takes an instant disliking to Ryou upon finding him befriended by all of the girls in class. He verbally attacks Ryou and tells him that long hair on boy's is not allowed and he wants to see it cut before he returns to school. After school Yugi and his friends asks him again to play Monster World. Seeing that they won't be diverted he decides to tell them the truth about why he has had to change schools so often: the friends he's played with in the past have all ended up in a coma. His new friends don't believe that there is any danger but Ryou is convinced and remains pretty firm on the subject.

Returning home, he begins to hear his darker half's voice for the first time. The spirit of the sennen ring reveals that he has been with the boy since he received the ring, but upon making contact with the boy who holds the puzzle he is finally able to speak to his host. He also reveals he is the reason behind Bakura's former friend's comas as he was granting the boy's wish: to always be with his friends. He is also not impressed by how Karita treated his host and considering Ryou Bakura his 'landlord' decides to pay his 'rent.' He takes full control and seals Karita into one of Bakura's game piece figurines during a penalty game. Afraid of who else the spirit might hurt, the teen does not return to school. Yugi, Jonouchi, Anzu and Honda came to his apartment to cheer him up. Bakura tried warning them to get out, but Dark Bakura took control, posed as Bakura, and invited them in to play a game of Monster World, which he turned into a Shadow Game.
(to be cont...)
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